If adaptability is the most fundamental predictor of whether you thrive or survive…

…then your most important concern should be: how can I can more adaptable ((adaptable: able to adjust to new conditions.)) … right?

In you our relationship to life so you can her more chance for a happy life

Darwin said that the species that is the most adaptable will survive.

One can also say that it is true not just for a species but also for individuals.

Adaptable doesn’t mean meek, doesn’t mean able to subsist in suboptimal circumstances, it actually means being able to thrive no matter what’s going on. Adapt and initiate.


How to find your real self… instead of honoring your false self as yourself

As I have written before, the book I am reading now is the Metaskills.

The author is a designer, and looks at life through a designer’s glasses.

The article “You live in a world of your own design” is one of the favorite articles on my site. People want to design their lives.

The popularity of the program, Mind Movies builds on that desire to design… but the requirements for design are not there, not there for 99.99% of humanity… What is there is something else, something that doesn’t allow for design.
The basics of being a designer is what is most missing in life… if you really look, you can see it.

How to take care of your emotions, the emotions that take care of you?

What takes care of you… that you can take care of?

I have told you how enamored I am with the principle “take care of what takes care of you.” ((One irate customer was complaining yesterday about my site being difficult to navigate.

I started to wonder if my site takes care of me… hm. Great question, isn’t it?

Then I muscle tested it because I wasn’t sure… If it takes care of me, then it is a priority to spend my creativity on redesigning the site… and that didn’t feel good to me.

Muscle test says: no, it doesn’t take care of me. Just like your house doesn’t take care of you. Your job doesn’t take care of you. Even your husband doesn’t take care of you. So what you consider “take care of you” in the context of the Universe is not what takes care of you.

Your brain does belong to you!
Your attitude does belong to you!
Your health does!

So as you see, this is not an ordinary distinction.))

What I don’t elaborate about in that article, is how do you know if something takes care of you or not. How do you know if you CAN take care of something or not?

Especially because many modalities ask you to stop thinking, for example. Can you do that?
Or they ask you to think positive… don’t even sin in your thoughts, feel different, be happy, be appreciative, and things like that.

Do you have the power to take care of those?

There is a Science to life… and if you want more life, you need to follow it

There is a Science to Life… and if you want more life, you need to follow it, you need to work WITH Life.
But you, and most everyone else, think yourself smarter than everyone else… and your mantra in life is “Don’t tell me what to do!” or “I’ll do it my way!” and you follow your mantra, not Life.

And your life is a true mirror to that attitude: nothing is done exactly, no rules are followed exactly, and your life is shabby, hodge podge, and you are wretched.

Why is it that not every person get the promised results out of reading the book, The Science of Getting Rich? Or any other course or program? Really, that less than 1% do? Is it always the fault of the teacher?

Here are a few things about The Science of Getting Rich, the highest truth value book I have ever measured…

How does fear get in your way of getting to abundance, to a life worth living?


What is in your way of getting to abundance, to a life worth living? ((What is abundance? “Abundant life” refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for mind, body, and soul. “Abundant life” signifies a contrast to feelings of lack, emptiness, and dissatisfaction, and such feelings may motivate a person to seek for the meaning of life and a change in their life. The word is Latin in origin, and simply means “fullness, plenty.” But plenty is not what makes a life abundant. It is the sense of no lack… The lack of feeling that something is missing, something is amiss, that something should be there and isn’t.

The fastest and most reliable way to get into a scarcity state is to have too high desire score and too little, too low ambition score.

Someone who has a high abundance score is most likely in action about what they want… and don’t have time to spend much time in desire, or the desire trap.))

People, normally, want some miracle potion, lotion, energy treatment, belief erasure, mind movies, vision boards, and many other things that they hope will give them abundance.

Or they are waiting to feel like doing something, maybe courage?


Are you planting enough seeds so that you can have a rich harvest come fall?

If we took an inventory of your life… If I followed you around for a day, a week, a month… How many of your actions are planting seeds for the future you desire, how many are planting seeds to no results, or undesired results?

Most people plant no seeds. Some plant seeds but then forget about watering them, and the weeds or the dryness kills the seeds before they can even sprout.

Most people think that the world rotates around them, should play according to their rules, and their rules are: give it to me now, because I want it.

Manifestation, the law of attraction, mind movies, instant healing, the “bars”, incantation, shamanism, and thousands of fraudulent abusive modalities all capitalize on this warped world view to make it all right for you.

But they are lies, frauds, intentionally misleading you. And you are willing. It turns my stomach.

Abilities that are not available until your health number is above 30%

When you are not well, you are in survival mode. You live in scarcity. Everything seems to be about you. And not much can change about your life… given the focus (me-me-me) and therefore the questions you ask.

In scarcity everything is an is, and the questions you ask are from that “is”. Everything needs to be fixed, and you can’t very well leave things alone: they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Ugh…

You ask why question. Why is this happening to me? Why are you treating me like this? Why can’t I blah blah blah… get rich, understand, be loved, get well… you know those whiny questions that don’t make a difference, they just make you feel even worse.

“They” teach you that you can change your mindset, that you can easily get out of the scarcity mindset, but they are lying. They ignore that your existence is based on your physical well-being (and vice versa!) and unless you get better, nothing will change.

Your whole being comes from your physiology, mostly from your digestive tract, and thus your eating. Bummer, eh?
When you are well, you can start to ask different questions


Your life is like a boat on sea… Where it’s going is given by the drift 96%

Every learning is becoming. Every action that is aimed at learning but doesn’t lead to becoming… is not learning, it is just a pretense. Treading water. The drift.
But becoming is not easy, and it takes longer than you would expect. OK, longer than I expect. Longer than I have been expecting… 😦
Why? because some of the learning requires you to be “right there”, ready for that particular learning. You first need to become ready.

Are you intelligent enough to use this tool to change your life?

There is a tool that you could put in your tool box, and get out of tough spots, conquer every issue, and become a happy, wealthy, fulfilled person… It’s asking different questions… to see different paths.

But neither you, nor myself have been trained in it, so we keep on asking the same questions and end up with the same miserable life…
How do you develop the capacity to ask intelligent questions that also alter your reality?
Yesterday I had a long conversation with one of my students. I suddenly had an insight into soul correction, that had been hidden from my view before.

How did I get to that insight? I asked different questions.

Make your plane go where you want it to go… or what one thing you want to learn from Babe Ruth

Make your plane go where you want it to go…

This is probably the most shocking sentence in the whole 67 step program.

I literally don’t know anyone who lives that way.

People try to succeed, try a diet, try this and try that… while their plane crashes in every area.

So what is the difference between who are like that, who are on their way to become that kind of person, and others who never ever land their plane on the landing strip?